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Jun 12 2011

Welcome to The Lucky Ones!!

Welcome to The Lucky Ones!! My name is Wil Redmond, and I’m a 2011 Mississippi Delta Corps Member. DELTA!! Sorry. We’ve just gone through induction and the regional pride is really high, but for good reason. Reasons which I will address in later posts. As for now, I just wanted to say hello and explain why I’ve titled this blog “The Lucky Ones”.
I grew up in a community with a lower socioeconomic status in Miami, Florida. The educational background of my mother mirrors that of my community and while education was very high on my priority list as a kid, I had no family members who had reached levels of success in education. I was truly charting new territory for all of us. Luckily for me, I had teachers who recognized my “gifts” and pushed me to excel in elementary, middle, and high school. As a kid, one of the…

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